Our tomorrows are today, our yesterdays a secret memory.
     Under the new world dictatorship of Pangaea, religion dominates, putting those marked as Christian at a disadvantage. Forced to wear crosses on their clothing and adhere to strict governmental rules, Katrine Matthews and Ramsey Greene find themselves oppressed, living under a government duplicating events from the darkest hours of history.
     Together, with people of all faiths, Ramsey decides to fight, while Katrine learns to confront her two greatest fears: falling in love and death, which push her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Brandon Wilson defines trouble.
As the leader of the largest car theft ring in Atlanta, Georgia, life is coming at him faster than he can handle. Inside, he’s breaking apart, piece by piece, in a world where souls can never be redeemed.
Claire Johnston defines perfection.
To the outside world, Claire has it all together: the ideal life, career, and boyfriend. But inside, she can’t pinpoint where everything went wrong. Moving along in a bubble of facades, she finds herself at a crossroads that will determine her life’s direction.
When their worlds collide, it’s like fire meeting ice.
Will fire consume ice? Does ice dampen fire?
Or combined, do they create the perfect storm?

•This book contains adult material
•Re-release Date: 2016